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All songs written and arranged by Dennis Cameron


Tonight I will delight In your 
word, give me sight to see
what your will is.
I hope that I'm not wrong.
Lord make me strong,
to walk from sin again and again

I'm walkin' in faith
Show you Lord
I'm strong enough to stay
I know what right and wrong is
I'm talkin' in faith
the promises You made
I mean to take.

I'll give it all that 
I've got
cause I know I love you alot
can't wait to see you
I want to carry on hopin'
It's not long before You take your bride
up and away

I'm walkin' in faith

You're in my sight
and I'm aimin' for the target
loaded and ready
time's been well worth
waiting on you

I'm walkin' in faith


Another day in the tale
and I'm blinded still by 
the walls of temptation.
Just isn't fair when you 
need somebody
there to fight this sensation.

These walls won't stand
I'm holdin' the hand of the Lord
to take these stones away
My soul's on fire with what I see
but my flesh won't metl away
It keeps callin' and callin' and
callin' my name.

Something inside knows
if we try.
We can have a dream
I do believe
I need to hear voice to
cheer my heart and
send me on my way.

Hold on, for a little
while hold on for a little
while longer.
Be strong wait and see
cause I still believe
that the rainbow's still 
within reach.
(2) that your love can cover me.

Alone once again still
can't comprehend Your
grace and Your mercy
You want to bare my pain
and despair
Lord bare it this evening.


Well I don't know
it all looks new
It's the same Ol'...
Puttin' in time I'll
honor you Lord with 
all that's mine.
Gimme Gimme never gets
workin' hard to bring it in 
need ya to stand right
by my side.
I will, I will, I do, I do.

It's all I can do is to say
and to carry my candle
another day.
Should I be brought
before nations. I'll say
only what you want me 
to say

Well I don't know
all so new and It's gettin'
so old.
how many will die
before we uproot
the money tree?
Gimme Gimme never
ever ends. The more I get
the more I want, ya ya 
But I don't want to let
it get to me.

It's all I can do..


Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher 2003