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Lyrics From: Balance Of Power
Album: Book Of Secrets

Desert Of Lost Souls

Imagine a world which would have 
no consequences for our actions.
No space, no food, no respect for life or death or god,
just a crowded desert of lost souls
looking down on top of the world.

Walking On Top Of The World

You won't find me laughing,
I don't think I can cry
I'm mentally wasted and you're the reason why
You won't find me guilty,
You won't find me wrong
You won't find me home
Cos I'm already gone

Sleeping deeper
But I still wake up on the wrong side of the bed
Sleeping deeper I'm sleeping deeper
But it's way too soon I can't sleep in the middle yet,
When it's over it's over

I'm walking on top of the world
and dancing on the memories of the past
I'm walking on top of the world
The trouble with forever is forever's made to last

I'm suddenly flying, I'm finally sure
cos all that you left me is stronger



Einstein overturned present 
reality by adding a fifth part, a fifth dimension.
The depth between good and evil, 
the greatest divide of all.



Song: Book Of Secrets

Make secret these words and seal 
up the book until the time of the end.

Too many lines to read between
Too many minds are coming close to the
Are you the named are you pure
Dare you believe in something never seen before

Secrets soon to be secrets soon to be told 
Take another look at the open book
Secrets soon to be secrets soon to be told 
Take another look at the open book

The book of secrets
The words of wiser men than I
The book of secrets
The code is falling falling from the sky
Falling from the sky, falling from the sky

Is this the dawn of something new
The clock is ticking and there's nothing I can do
In place of guessing what's to come
Unlock the secrets close your eyes
And kiss the sun



At the close of the twentieth century,
We are threatened
With the kind of chaos that
The world has never faced before.
We have built weapons 
That can destroy human civilization in a single day,
These weapons may be on the loose.



But neither in heaven nor earth was there a single one
able to open the scroll or look into it.
And as for you men of vision everything will become
like the words of the book that has been
sealed up.

 When Heaven Calls Your Name

And he will wipe out every tear 
from their eyes and death will be no more.
No mourning, no outcry nor pain be anymore.

Suddenly it's colder, suddenly the sun has gone
But if the real world's over then your life has just began

And if I promise not to cry, will you promise not to die
Live on inside of me you stay forever young forever young

When heaven calls your name
Your spirit stays alive
Safe in my heart
When heaven calls your name
You are free and you can fly
Here in my heart

And if time can heal the pain 
Then I won't be healed again
If your light went out too soon
Then I'll burn the flame for you
Burn the flame for you


It's Not Over (Until It's Over)

A change of heart is no excuse to turn me loose
And I play the part but the fool in me could never hear you

Fools love
My fingers ache from holding on
Fools love
The clouds that hide your love are gone

It's not over until it's over
Flying in the face of love
It's not over until it's over
Power of the heart is strong enough

All of the time
Feeling wheels are turning over now
Read the signs
There's so much more to rediscover

Say when 
It's easy to replace one more
Say when
The answer is worth waiting for


 Do You Dream Of Angels

Now your sleeping now your still
Softly tell you how I feel
And if you dream a thousand years
I still be here, forever here...

Hold me in your sleepy eyes
Hold me closer, whisper me goodnight
Let the moon light have it's way through the silence
I can hear you say

Do you dream of angels

 Seven Days Into Nevermore

We don't know with what weapons
 world war three will be fought,
but world war four will be 
fought with sticks and stones.
This is not the end of predicted danger.

It's your disgrace
But you made it well,
So the world can tell
It's your face
It's on the fire that burns inside
And I see the light

The colors of your heart
And they're slowly changing
The colors of your mind
And they're slowly fading

It's all in vain,
So time does what it will,
Try asking whose to blame,
For a throw away existence
I see...the light, the way
Nothing of the past
And were disappearing
And nothing gonna last
The end is nearing

Changes changing
Seven days into nevermore
Learning turning,
Seven days into nevermore

You're a grain of sand
In the desert that was mankind
I don't understand
How all of us are blinded,
By the light, blinded

Turn another page, and there's no beginning
We are just at an age, and time is winning


Seven days...nevermore, grain of sand
You know the score, desert man...
He needs one more, seven days to nevermore

To nevermore, to nevermore, forevermore

 Miracles And Dreams

So much for reaping what you sow
Isn't time the enemy again
Believing cuts deeper than you know
Never was a natural believer in the end

Through these eyes
Images and stories
Left unheard, slowly burn
In these skies are centuries of promises
Unlearned never learned

Holding out what's coming in
Keeps the heart from burning

With those miracles and dreams
Taking all my senses and coloring between
Miracles and dreams
How can I get by without the
 harmony within, do you know
Tomorrow could be taken from your hand,
Yes it can

After this wave your world goodbye
And never kiss your love again

If I'm strong enough
And live long enough
I still believe in those


The distinction between past, present 
and future is only an illusion.


 Stranger Days (To Come)

It's a personal feeling how your world is turning
You can blind your eyes, but, you decide
And something is aching
And your world is breaking down

There's a whole lot more than this
That you're dying to resist
There's a whole lot more than this

There are stranger days to come
When all the rivers run dry
There are stranger days to come...

You can almost taste it,
But you can replace it
There's a homegrown madness going on
Get to know your feelings
The emotion can explode

There's a wider world I hear
Let your conscience disappear
With an easy ride from here


There's no sun in the sky forever
I see stranger days than these
In my heart in my dreams
When the world stops spinning me forever...

On and on and on and on and on
Forever, forever
Forever, and ever, forever, forever
I see stranger days.

Well I do when I'm dreaming of you
Do you dream of angels
I do when I'm dreaming of you
I dream of angels when I see you

Fill me with your symphony
Overtures of love in harmony
In your silent journeying
Take me with you...Can I hear you say

Now your sleeping now your still
Softly tell you how I feel


 Lyrics From: Balance Of Power
 Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion

 Day Breaker

Come to the edge of reason 
embrace the sun in place of night
Come to your senses sometime 
never witness an understanding
Before the dawn surrenders light

Damn the dawn for turning my world red
before too long my perfect night is over
Damn the dawn tomorrow is 
calling again before too long

Enter the realms of madness open 
the doors and close your eyes
Entertain thoughts of endless 
wonder call for the visionary
Call for the one who reads the skies

Damn the dawn it takes 
the deepest breath away
before too long another night is over
Damn the dawn turn your world 
your own sweet way before too long

Day breaker are you the silent sinner
 day breaker so unpredictable
Day breaker live on and on forever 
day breaker give up your forgiven dawn

You are the breaker of my promises
 do you have something I can keep
You are the keeper of my yesterdays
 give me something that I need

 Prisoner Of Pride

There's a time to feel
And a time to fear
Turn around and walk away from here
There's no mystery
No catch
If you will
Paralyze your paradise
Or the next man will

Where's your superstition now
All you true believers
Where's your so called sacred cow
Where is it now

One small victory
And your soldiers all go home
It takes more than that
To trade your pieces for a whole
Circumstances force your hand
So you say
Satisfy yourself
You'll live to die another day

Sell your only saving grace
You grand achiever
Nothing hurts like second place
I see it now

Your prisoner of pride
Come on feel the rain
Come taste another kind of freedom
Your prisoner of pride
You conceal the pain
Come see the other side of freedom

 Savage Tears

Slow down pour a glass
Of what gets you through the day
Send all your senses far away
Slow down I'll whisper words
You don't want to hear
It's too late
But it's now or never

How many times can one heart bleed
Spread your golden wings and fly
A subtlety change but change indeed
Brings me to the final lullaby

After savage tears
Can you take a breath when there's nothing left
After savage tears
When all the life is gone when it's really gone

So far satisfaction hides away from me
Maybe you're the remedy
Oh you are closer now to no return
One heart slows and one grows faster

Close your eyes and go to sleep
Send a flickering goodbye
Closing down your soul for keeps
Feeds a need and keeps me so alive

Let me ask you one more question
Even though you can't answer me
Was the euphoria so deep
Could you feel the savage silence
Why don't you answer me
You never answer me

Under The Spell

It's dark so dark I've been lying alone for days
It's cold so cols I'm alive can I still be saved

Have you ever been lonely 
have you ever been that far
Are you sure of the meaning do 
you know do you care who you are

Too far so far there's a journey I just can't make
From here to your heart is a million miles away

Can you feel the confusion can you reach that far
Under no disillusion will you ever get back to the start

Close your eyes you're falling under the spell
Look inside you're falling under the spell
Close your eyes you're falling under the spell
Look inside you're falling under the spell

And it goes that far every breath knows where you are

Blind Man

There's a place that's soft and 
warm it's a shelter from the storm
There's a whisper in the air
 if I call you will you hear

Pull me in I'm a drowning man 
breath in all of the love you can
Pull me in your arms again 
one more long cold mile to cross

When the blind man calls tonight 
remember your darkest hours
When the blind man calls tonight 
uncover the love that's in your hands

Whisper nighttime into day blow
 the dark clouds far away
Be my island show me sun
 give me sand to walk upon

Make the dawn come around again
 silver sun burning through the rain
Make me new make me see again 
touch the hand then heal the heart

 About To Burn

Why am I taking all your time
All I want is what was mine
Am I talking to your inner feelings
Time didn't conjure up a cure
Is there anybody more
I can't turn away forever

Who's to lose who's to win
It's all about the state you're in
Who's to know

It's all about to burn wind has 
changed the fire has turned
It's all about to burn 
just like it never started
It's all about to burn take 
away my better days because
It's all about to burn

Nothing's for nothing so I've heard
There's a reason this occurred
I'm not talking 'bout your superstition
Easy or not the time has come
Face the new or turn and run
I'm not liable for your condition

Sins Of The World

Do you feel any fever any changes at all
In your truth a deceiver
Stranded and desperately cold

Branded the enemy, loosing the dignity
Bring on the effigy
Bring on the puppet to bear the load
Carry the load

If hope is your savior when destiny calls
Who will be braver you or the puppet
Saver of souls drowning in dangerous echo-less holes
If hope is your savior and faith is your friend
Then charity's hiding again

Bathing in sympathy praising the apathy
Bring on the effigy
Bring on the puppet to bear the load

Speak of the brave
Then they will come
Only to bathe in the warmth
Of the Sun
Speak of the just
Then it is done
Someone will pray for
The sins of the world

The Darker Side

I've crumbled to this too far
My life has come to this so far
The darker side of me
Comes and goes as the sea
The night is just the same so far

You were the fire to light my way
You were my light my night my day

Standing in the window eyes upon the moon
Hoping that the memories
Will leave your spirit soon
The burning never dies the calm is lost inside
This life won't set me free so far

 Ten More Tales Of Grand Illusion

Go wash your conscience clean the way it's never been
The eyes and ears surround you
Hesitation takes it's turn anticipation burns
Enough to light the way before you

Silence is broken into nothing more than lies
Just another token telling just for the surprise

Ten more tales of grand illusion
Ten more tales of life

Beyond your inner soul the heart controls the mind
The mind was made to wonder
And if nothing more is said when all your truths are read
The masses are left to ponder

Another empty promise another empty lie
Glorify imagination try to justify


Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher