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Good feeling
(2 Timothy 1:13-14)
Music: Mike Graham: Words: Scott Springer

Trouble's all around you, don't
know which way to go
Pressure from the outside, wants
to take control

There seems to be this feeling
deep down inside
you brush it off as ego, but there's
no way you can hide
Torn between emotions, one " YES"
the other "no"
Like an argument unsettled, got
to face it toe to toe.

It's a good feeling, deep down
inside, just want to tell you that
you just can't hide...
It's a good feeling that's all I'm
gonna say, you just can't help
that you feel this way.

A decision must be made, it's
tearing you apart...
A tugging on the inside, a feeling
in your heart.
Sometimes it's better left unsaid
but never left undone...
No compromise with your will,
get to go it all alone.


No one ever said it would be 
easy, with two directions pointing
a way to go,
but the giver of life stands ready,
all you have to do is let him know,
let him know.

(Matthew 10:39/16 24-25)
MUSIC: Keith Mims/John Elefante:
WORDS: Scott Springer

You're walking down life's
primrose path...
lookin' for some way to get ahead.
Every wide and open path
becomes a stop sign...
You turn and run just to get halted
Every step you take leaves you
Every stand you make lets you fall.

Lose to Live; deny yourself take
your cross and follow Him.
Lose to Live' when you die to
yourself you receive His life to win.

Every situation is an angle...
Everyone wants to get in on your game.
You want to get to know the 
But know one really wants to know 
your name.
There's a way that seems right,
but it's hopeless...
(there's a way that seems right
you know, there's a way that
seems right, time that satisfies,
but it fades.


You've got to realize, you'll
never hit the mark...
Don't depend on what you hear
and see.
Until you die,
'til you really really try.
To deny yourself and
set the new man free.

(Thessalonians 4:17)
Dino Elefante

We're on a skyrocket, way
up high...
We're gonna fly,fly,fly
in our little skyrocket way
up high
We're gonna ride,ride,ride.

We're leaving on a midnight run,
tonight we're gonna chase the
Sun across the sky.
I don't need a 7-6-5-4-3-2-1,
tonight we're gonna blast like a
bullet from a loaded gun.
Gonna rev my engine, gonna rev 
it to the red line...
We've got a one way ticket gonna
leave this world behind.


When i was just a young boy
I'd play a game...
Id picture myself riding high upon
a red flame.....Yeah!
Never cared about school
games I didn't want to know...
just put me in my skyrocket
and let me go.
We've got a one way ticket gonna
leave this world behind.


(1Corinthians 2:10 Hebrews 4:12)
MUSIC: Mike Graham WORDS: Scott Springer

Wisdom comes and wisdom goes,
men lead by their own desires...
Freedom casts a shallow glow,
where there's no heart's fire
But you oh searcher of my soul
come now and reside...
Warm this heart that's dim and
cold, in you I know that I can hide.

You're the soul searcher of men's 
You know the depths of the soul...
You're the soul searcher of my
Please come and take control.

Love stands near hearts'
door ...waiting to come in...
You oh searcher of my soul ,
hear my solemn cry...
Take this life that's lost in sin,
deep down this soul will reply...


Search me and try me, test
and purify me...
With your blood shed 
on Calvary...
Feed me , Lead me, Show me
and Control me, with your Love...
Your precious Love, Forgiving
Love, I will accept on bended

(Ephesians 5:19)
MUSIC: John Elefante/Keith
WORD: Scott Springer/John Elefante

You may say that 
it's just Rock and Roll...
But this music comes from 
deep within are soul...
Tear down the walls let His love
break through...
Give Him glory in whatever you do

Turn it up! A little louder, Let His
praises ring loud and clear...
Crank it up! There's a message,
for those who have ears
let 'em hear.

It doesn't matter what the world
might say...
Because of the Cross that's why
we pray, that's way we say...

Jesus Music is what we are 
Jesus Music is what we are...

Oh, Wake up child of God from
your sleepiness...
Let the flames in your heart
become a fire, yeah, yeah!
There's no need for hesitation,
No secret plan, just raise your
hands and let God spirit lead
the way.


When we let ourselvas be led,
by all the things that Jesus said...
We becomemore like Him,
as we praise His name...

It doesn't matter what the world
might say...
Because of the cross thats 
why we play.


(Colossians 4:3-6)
Music: Mike Graham: Words: Scott Springer

I say that He's the son of God,
you say He's just a man...
I say that He died for you,
you say you just can't understand.
You tell me it's just a fairy tale,
I say He's comin' soon...
You say death is final, 
I point to the empty tomb.

There's a Language Barrier, Who
will be the carrier
To tell the world and make them 
There's a Language Barrier,
will you be the carrier?

To bridge the gap between 
God and man.

I say that He is Creator, you 
say He's just the Man upstairs...
I say pray in every instance, you
say it's luck that makes life fair.
You say a child died yesterday,
I say there's a soul in every

You wonder if it's possible, I say
faith will show you the way...
You say the time's not right, 
I say today is the day!


(Psalm 149:1)
Music Keith Mims: Words: Scott Springer

We want to tell about Him,
everywhere we go...
Uplifted by graces, by the blood
of the lamb.
Freely washed and Cleansed within...
Joint heirs with the king,
the great I Am.
Forever we'll live with Him.

Sing...of His Glory.
Shout...Shout His Word.
Sing...the Gospel Story.
Shout...all that you've heard.
...All that you've heard.

Living in freedom, we're children
of the light...
Donning our battle gear, we
stand for the fight.
Revealing the truth of His love
we're conquerors without
Dispelling darkness in this 
world, justified in His name.


You are the Heavenly Dove, 
You are the lord of love, you are
One above ... sing, shout it out.
You are the king of kings,
Master of everything, the One
that make me sing.


(Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)
Music Keith Mims: Words: Scott Springer

We'll, we're all excited and we're
here to say,
We've got a message for you.
Time is runnim' short and this 
message is way overdue,
Tell your mother and father and 
your brother too.
We won't be callin' again 'cause
the Saviour's on the phone
and He's saying' there is souls
to win.

Time to run , Time to run, you
know it's time to run...
Forget about your laughing
and crying it's time to run.

There's a time to laugh and a
time to cry...
A time to live and a time to die...
And a time to show other people
the Saviour's way...
Just get all your friends in a big ol' 
pile and carry His message that
extra mile...
And teach'em how to praise the
Lord everyday.


There's a time to cast away
stones and a time to gather them
A time you must hold on and
a time you must send...
A time of silence and a time to
speak, you better tell it while
you've got a chance..
A time to break down and a time
to build up...
A time to mourn and a time to

(1 john 4:8; 2 PETER 3:8-9)
MUSIC: John Elefante:
WORDS: Scott Springer/John Elefante:

There was a time I lived my life
without you...
there was a time my decisions
were my own...
I had built so many walls that
kept me from you...
I was alone...

But now I know I cannot live
without you...
You know me better than I know
You give me love I know will last

You timeless Love will never,
ever, change...
you Love is endless, forever,


Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher