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Catch the Devil, catch the Thief

A thief broke into my house last night
He came when I was asleep
He took my joy, took my smile, blew my light
He took my boldness to keep
An easy job for him, it didn't take long
til my possessions were gone

Catch the Devil, catch the Thief
His place is under my feet
Catch the Devil, catch the Thief
Breakin' his spell, no Devil in Hell
will ever control me

I was so mad, when I saw what he'd done
I wanted to get revenge
Next time he tries to get into my house
I'm gonna kick him out
For all the things he's been taking from me
It's gonna cost him a lot

Some people say, it's already too late
Nothing can change this world
Speaking for darkness, making a big mistake
For the message they've never heard


You can also beat him and you surely will
Strike first it's your dominion
He's just a problem when you don't know
That Jesus is the Champion
So wherever you are, and wherever you go
Go cast the devil out, out


Dancing on the head of the Serpent

There's a fallen angel on a throne
in every capital city
Ruling with "wisdom" that manipulates
the children of this century
Pulling the kings like puppets on strings
bowing their knees to him

Dancing on the head of the serpent
Dancing on the head of the serpent

His name is lust, his name is pride
His name is deceptive knowledge
But still he has a nail in his eye
he can't buy the saints in the city
He tries and he tries but they won't compromise
They show him no mercy no pity
and that's alright, that's alright

Dancing on the head of the serpent
He sits on a throne with an arrogant smile
thinking he's gonna stay there forever
But the King of the Saints is mounting His steps
there is a judgment to settle
And in a short moment his face turns surprised
before he is thrown to the ground
That's alright, that's alright


Plunder Hell and populate Heaven

I was invited to a party with some friends of mine
First I didn't wanna go but then I changed my mind
So I went to the place where they had such a good time
Just to see the kids partying in Hell's waiting line
I've seen it before, the way the devil rock'n roll
I really liked the kids but I can't stand the devil at all

Come on, come on, let's plunder 
Hell and populate Heaven
Come on, come on, let's plunder Hell 
and populate Heaven, right now

I couldn't just sit there pretending 
everything was nice
So I stood up on a chair 
and started to preach Jesus Christ
I talked about the real life, 
talked about the real thing
And they said we have been waiting, 
been waiting for the real King
And the power of God made 
the whole place rock and shake
Heaven or Hell is a choice 
every kid's gotta make


Rebels of Jesus Christ

There goes a warning, a warning in the nation
There's an army ready for invasion
There's banner flapping in the wind
There's a battle declared against sin, against sin

They will always make the devil nervous, Join the army
They are cutting deep, far below the surface, Join the army

There's a people who knows to speak the truth
There's a people with no dignity to lose
There's a people that never pretend
There's a people with healing in their hands

And they are coming in the spirit of Samson, Join the army
Nothing is too big they don't pay attention, Join the army

Chorus 1:
Rebels of Jesus Christ, with music like thunder
Rebels of Jesus Christ, never, never, ever under
Rebels of Jesus Christ, rebels of Jesus Christ
Salvation, miracles, and we love you

Chorus 2:
Rebels of Jesus Christ, with music like thunder
Rebels of Jesus Christ, they're never, never, ever under
Rebels of Jesus Christ, swinging their weapons high
And we're fighting, and we're coming, and we love you

Woe, woe... the Great Fall

Woe, Woe, great Babylon
Woe, Woe, you re a great fool, Babylon
You're gonna drink your cup
whether you want it or not

The kings of the earth will cry over you
Your filth and adultery is tormenting them
Yes, fallen, Yes, fallen is Babylon the great
The cup of God's wrath is what they have to taste

Come, come, watch and see
Where is her glory and luxury?
Woe, Woe, the great prostitute is gone
Doom on the sinful Babylon

She's been like a queen, but she's now like a widow
and all of her wisdom, trust and hope have vanished
She gathered herself with the Beast and his servants
In pride she deceived herself unto judgment

Come, come and watch the Scriptures fulfilled
Come, come and watch, and see the signs of the times
Come, come you nations, great and small
City of power, will fall, will fall

Wash, wash your hands, wash off the dirt
and clean your hearts, you citizens on earth
Make up your mind, it's time, it's time
Saints and sinners do not drink the same wine

Come, come and watch, the justice from Heaven
Come, come and watch, the signs of the age
Come, come you nations, great and small
The King of kings is callin you all

and she's falling, falling, falling

Listen to me

Listen to me,
Guard your heart, it's a wellspring of life
Put away perversity from your mouth
and keep corrupt talk far from your lips

Listen to me,
The way of the immoral leads to death
Don't follow the lust of your eyes
Destruction comes sudden on the evil path

Chorus 1:
Wisdom is better than chosen gold
Knowledge from heaven gives a fruit hundredfold
Don't let your feet walk the wicked way
Let your heart be corrected, and you won't go astray

Listen to me,
Righteousness exalts a whole nation
but sin is a disgrace to the people
When the good rule, it brings understanding

Listen to me,
The generous man will prosper
Giving is a secret for wealth
Riches belong to the King and His people

Chorus 2:
Learning the hard way is a waste of time
Accept words of wisdom, and your heart won't be blind
When the storm has swept by, the wicked are gone
but the righteous forever, will stand firm and strong


We're gonna take Europe

We're gonna take Europe
We're gonna shake Europe
The walls of Europe
are going to fall

The pride of the Western World
How come you, have not seen or heard?
Dead religion's, a curse for every nation
but you can't fool this young generation


This continent will see the light
Salvation comes only through Jesus Christ
Revival shakes you like a tree
Healing is gonna come upon you, strongly


By the power of God
It's like a fire, consuming fire

Come higher

I'm strong bold as a lion
Stronger than a bull
Strong to move the mountains
Strong in my spirit and soul
My heart grows hot within me
It's like a burning fire
So why should I fear people
when God is on my side?

Over or under, head or tail
Come higher, come higher
Don't walk around with your
head hanging down, come higher

My inner man is eager
to scream out in the night
My tongue can't remain quiet,
must speak the mighty works of God
And even if I try to,
I cannot hide the truth
And even if they paid me
I still will let it through


Don't lay in the dust,
Stand up on your feet
You're strong, don't give in
cause God's on your side
Move up to the level of victory
Come higher


You gotta stand up on your feet
Brothers and Sisters, God is on your side
Come higher, come higher

The night when revelation came into my life

I can't sleep, taking a walk on the city streets
Time's almost four o'clock in the morning
Thinking back on my life, I've done so many stupid things,
Feels like a heavy burden is hanging over me
Turning my head up to the starry sky
Whose finger has done this? - I wonder why
Guilt is a high price to pay
I wish someone could help me take it away
Feel so lonely in the night,
And even if the stars are shining bright
I feel I have to be forgiven, born again and free

I'm walking with a million questions

I had to cry out from my heart:
"Please God if You're there, help me,
I don't know where to start!"
And there on the street that night,
A silent voice spoke right into my life, said:
"Don't live for yourself anymore,
lay down your life for Me"
Those words hit me where I stood,
And I just knew it was the truth,
And with a joy I never felt before I said:
"I accept you Lord!"
Tears was fallin' from my eye,
I must have been a funny sight,
but I didn't care, cause I was free
Jesus was there together with me

I didn't know You were so close to me

I know You were hanging on the cross for me
I know You died for me
And I love You, I love You
I know Your blood was shed for me
And I love you


To all hearts, all souls,
weary and down, trampled to the ground
Why drink water from those lousy fountains
When you can get it fresh

It's still not too late for you
Your heart is still beatin'
and grace is still for the taken
And salvation is still for you

Darkness is pregnant with evil
but the light shines brighter than ever
Turn your heart to face your Maker
He has made you, He's the Creator


Don't sit with the wicked
Stand up, be strong
Shake their bonds off your shoulders
Even if war, if Hell, breakes out against you
you will rejoice
Cause the Lord is your stronghold
forever and ever
He is faithful, forever and ever


City On Fire

One Night I Saw The Sky Was Red
Red As Blood... City On Fire

At First I Thought Can't See No Smoke
But Still It Burns, Strange... City On Fire

And As I Stood There The Fire Grew
More And More, Faster... City On Fire

I Felt The Heat It Reached My Soul
'Cause I Was Cold, My Heart Was Melting

City On Fire...

This Fire's Not A Normal Fire It's A Holy Fire
And When It Passes By It Sets You On Fire
When It Comes To You, You Will Burn
Like You've Never Have
Yes, You Will Be On Fire By The Flames, The Flames

City On Fire...

Reach Out Your Hand And Touch It Now
Just One More Step For You To Go
This Fire Started At His Cross
His Spirit Will Burn Inside Of Us

Set Me On Fire...


When I Was A Little Boy
I Had My Special Place To Get My Ice-cream
And The Lady At The Candy store
Was Always So Nice To Me
When I Was Old Enough For School
I Remembered They Picked On Me
Because I Had Red Hair And Freckles On My Face
And I Always Was Wondering
What Was Behind The Clouds
And If God Had A House To Live In
In Cold Winter Nights

He's No Longer In His Grave
He's Risen From The Dead

And When I Was Thirteen
I Started To Play In Different Bands
We Tried To Be The Beatles
And I Didn't Do So Hot In School
I Didn't Care And Too Much About Anything
I Started To Use Drugs
The Devil He Worked Hard On Me
But One Day There Was Jesus Knocking On My Door
Asking Do You Want To Be A Singer In My Band

He's No Longer...

The Waiting Zone

In The School Of This Present Day
Kids Are Informed To Look Out For Aids
But No One Says Not A Single Word
'Bout A Change Of Lifestyles And Ways

Listen Prophets Of This Modern Day
Maybe Sometime You Could Be Wrong
'Cause What You Preach
Someone Else Must Reap
This Generation Next To Come

Learn Protection Break Out Of Line
Save The Action For The Holy Time
Called Old Fashioned
But It's More Like Timeless Information
But We Can't Just Educate All Things Away

Staying Away Save Your Life All The Way
It's Not True You Will Not Be Alone
Dare To Say No Peer Pressure Must Go
Stay Alive In The I'm Waiting Zone


Try So Hard 'Cause You Really Want
Do Your Best To Be Nice And Good
But It Looks Like You Always End Up
Doing What You Don't Wanna Do

Something Inside Makes You Do Bad
And It Steals From You When You're Glad
Even If You Make Up Your Mind
To Be Better You'll Fail Next Time

Don't You Know It's Already Done
Don't You Know There's An Open Door
Don't You Know That You Can't Do More
All You Need Is To Just Accept The Fact
That It's All Done

Thru Religion You'll Always Fail
Light A Candle Won't Make A Change
A Thousand Prayers Will Not Give You Rest
Makes No Difference If You Do Your Best
Every Way That We Try To Make
God To Love Us Is A Mistake
'Cause He Likes Us All He Can Do
All He's Asking For Is For You

Don't You Know It's Already Done
Don't You Know There's An Open Door
Don't You Know That You Can't Do More
All You Need Is To Just Accept The Fact
That It's All Done

Live Under The Shadow
Live Under The Shadow Of His Grace
Under His Umbrella
Under His Umbrella Night And Day

Be There With You

Preparation That's Why The Separation
That's Why You've Been Away From Me
I Just Cannot Forget You
My Heart Is Marked By You
The Last Thing That You Said
You'll Be There With Me

Friends Stick Together And That's Forever
That's Why I Want To Be There With You
I Want To Be There With You
Just Want To Be There With You All Of My Life

Tell Me, Are The Grass Much Greener There
Is There A Garden Too
What Kind Of House Have You Prepared
Do We Live Close To the Ocean
Is There A Place Where We Can Sit
And Talk Like Best Friends Do

Friends Stick Together And That's Forever
That's Why I Wanna Be There With You

On The Road

Ditches, Ditches All Around
Keep Your Feet On The Road
If You wanna Be Sound
Fall In One, Say Goodbye
Religion Leaves You There To Die

I'm On The Road...

Need To See Some Truth In Us
Not Perfection But We Must Present
A God With Much To Say
Not Building Churches, To Hide And Pray
Be In The World But Not It's Slave
They Look Close, How You Behave
Don't Fake The Picture Of The King
We Gotta Be Real, Means Everything

I'm On The Road...

Say You're Here, Say, All You Want Is
Stay Right Here, Walk On The Road

Go To God If You Want The Original
The Devil Is A Copy-Machine
After In Art And After In Music
Religious Thinking Look Real Stupid
Its In Our Minds When We Create
Why Do We Have To Be Late?
Ask From God His Inspiration
Check My Words He's A Sensation

I'm On The Road...

Say You're Here...

Likes Them

A Young Generation Living For Sensation
Trying To Be Cool But Inside They Have A Hole
Sick And Tired Of Pretending Don't Even Care
If The World Is Ending
A Wounded Generation Betrayed By The One Before

Living For The Moment

Lost In The Marketplace Of All Religions
told to Pick And Choose
What's Suits And Feels The Best
Given All The Substitutes
But No Love And Compassion
Left In A Video World Given Over To Imagination

But I Like Them, I Like Them

A Lonely Generation With No One To Talk To
Raised To Be Suspicious Against Love
Who Can Give Them What They Are Looking For
No One But The Man From Nazareth

But He Likes Them, He Likes Them


You Must Speak The Truth Nothing But The Truth
That's A Prophet's Rule Then He'll Make It Thru
If He Covers Truth With A Cheap Excuse
In The End He'll Lose 'Cause He Left The Truth
Stand Up For The Truth You Won't Be Confused
If You Don't Misuse The Words You Use
Truth Can Stand Alone In Itself It's Strong
Truth Cannot Be Wrong Cannot Be Wrong

Prophets That Are False Will Not Pay The Cost
Do Not Really Care What Is True Or Not
You Will Be Confused When They Speak To You
You Will See What's True In What They Produce
Prophets That Are True When They Speak To You
They Will Speak The Truth Without Judging You
They Can Stand Alone When The Wind Is Strong
You Will Find The Truth In What They Produce

You Gotta Stick To The Truth Stick To The Truth

Jesus Had The Truth He Defended Truth
He Refused To Lie So He Gave His Life
They Were All Upset 'Cause Of What He Said
But He Didn't Care 'Bout Their Traps And Snares
Truth Came Out Of Him When He Came To Bring
Words To Set Us Free Meant For You And Me
He Was Not Afraid And He Gladly Paid
Every Price There Was To Deliver Us

You Gotta Stick To The Truth Stick To The Truth

Face In The Crowd

Just A Face In The Crowd Unidentified Passing By
A Ship Lost In The Sea
Aiming For -Do You Know-
One Of A Million Stars Anonymous
No-One Cares If You're There
Looking For Someone Who Shares
What's Behind Every Wall And Door
Lonely Out In Space Want To Find A Place
I Can Call My Home

Like A Number In A Line
That Never Ends Until It Ends
Lost In The Universe Feel Like I'm Hanging
On A String Who Holds This Dream
Just A Little Man Can I Understand
There Must Be A Hand, Someone With A Mind
That Must Be Behind This Can't Be All By Chance

I'm Just A Face In The Crowd
If Someone Out There Really Loves Me Let Me Know
I Have To Know, Please Let Me Know
'Cause The Shadow Of His Cross Reaches
Even Us Lost In Time And Space


Heavy Burden, Wounded Feet
Driven By Love, That's Why
One Last Time Thru The Streets Of Jerusalem
Up To The Hill Where You Gave Your Life

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You'll Be Back
Again From The Place Where You Went
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You'll Be Back
From Death To Life
Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Bound By Guilt, I Had No Chance To Make It Thru
You Said "I Will Pay It, For You"
The Hate Was Strong, But Yet
It Couldn't Overcome Your Love
You Looked Like A Looser
But You Were Not
'Cause You Came Back Again


In The Darkest Night Where I Was Coming To The End
That's When I Found You, That's When I Found You
When I Believed In You Every Wall That Was Between Us
Fell Down When I Found You

Tomorrow, You'll Be Back Again
From The Place Where You Went
Tomorrow, Tomorrow, You'll Be Back Again
With A Crown On Your Head

Berlin -38 (Next Year In Jerusalem)

I Was Twenty-Five In Berlin '38
I Had Just Bought A Little Store
And The War Was Close
Then I Met Her, Rebekah
With Her Wonderful Smile
And I Was In Love, And She Was In Love
The Future Was Ours
We Married Soon, And Joseph And Sarah Came
And We Loved Them So, Our Dream Came True

Clouds Gathered Dark, I Couldn't Understand It
I Simply Didn't See It, I Should Have
But I Didn't

Under The Star, My Heart Beats There
It Was Just Because Of The Star
Next Year In Jerusalem
Next Year In Jerusalem

And Late One Night, I Woke Up From The
Noise In The Street
People Were Shouting
People Were Running In The Stairs
They Knocked On the Door
And Then They Came Rushing In
With Guns And No Compassion
They Said, You Have To Come
One Suitcase And That's All
You Must Go Now

We Ran Down The Stairs
Joseph Wasn't Fast Enough
They Kicked Him And He Fell
And He Was Only Three
I Picked Him Up, And Took Him In My Arms
They Took Us To The Train
They Packed Us Like Cattle
Rebekah Squeezed My Hand She Said:
We Must Stay Together
No Matter What Happens

How Can I Describe
Cause When We Arrived, They Took
Rebekah And The Children Aside
And We All Cried
She Looked At Me
I'll Never Forget Her Eyes
She Said, I'll Take Care Of The Children
And Then They Were Gone, Gone

Next Year In Jerusalem
Next Year In Jerusalem

We Must Not Forget, We Can Never Forget
Because Of the Star
We Must Not Forget
It Did Really Happen


I'm A Soldier, Fighting In the Army Of The Living God
I'm A Soldier, And I'm Fighting The Good Fight
Fighting For His Kingdom

You're A Soldier, Fighting In the Army Of The Living God
You're A Soldier, And You're Fighting The Good Fight
Fighting For His Kingdom

I'm A Soldier, Fighting In The Army Of The Living God
I'm A Soldier, And I'm Fighting For Justice
Fighting For The Truth For His Kingdom

You Have The Sword, You Have The Shield
You Have The Guts To Run The Race
You Have The Shoes To Run The Race
You Have The Good News And You're
A Soldier, And You're Fighting The Good Fight
Fighting For His Kingdom

Hallelujah, Hallelujah


Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher