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Hello I'm an adventurer,
I'm just a soldier of freedom.

I'm fighting for the light,
I'm fighting for the king.
My heart is beating for the Lord,
cause He's the winner.

I'm gonna cross the sea ,
I'm gonna fly around the world.

He's the winner, I'm a winner.

I'm gonna walk up to the mountains,
and take the sword in my hand.

I'm gonna tell everybody the Word,
I tell them a new day is here.

I take the Word from God to my heart,
I let it grow inside, I let it show the way.

Hello I'm an adventurer,
I'm just a soldier of freedom.


Hear this you kings.
listen you rulers,
I will sing to the Lord,
I will make music,
Oh, Lord when you went out from Seir.
When you marched from the land of Edom,
the earth shook, the heaven poured,
the mountains quaked, before the Lord.

Wake up Deborah
Wake up Deborah
Arise Berak arise.

Kings came and they fought,
the king of Canaan fought'
by the waters of Megiddo,
but they carried off no silver,
no no plunder,
from heavens the star fought,
from their courses they fought
against Sisera.

The river Kishon, swept them away,
the age-old river,
the river of Kishon,
then Deborah said, she said
to Berak,
This is the day of the Lord,
He's given Sisera into your hands.


I love my baby,
I love my woman
she's right with me Lord.
In her eyes iI see the light,
we are living in the love 
from Jesus and His light
is shining on us,
we put our love on the Rock.

Sometimes it rains
sometimes the sun is shining,
yes in my heart the sun is 
shining, from you my woman
We are living in the light from Jesus
and His love grows in our hearts
We put our Love
on the Rock, on the Rock

I love my woman, I Love her so,
She's right with me, She's 
a gift from God, from God.

When I take you in my arms,
When I kiss your lips,
my heart is beating for you,
I love you my woman,
We are living in the light from Jesus
and His love grows in our hearts,
We put our Love
on the Rock, on the Rock


I wanna sing, sing a song to my Lord,
I wanna praise You the Lord of Lords,
You are the King,
You are the master of life,
You are the sun in my heart,
and You'll always be.

I wanna show,
I wanna stand up,
I wanna scream,
King of Kings.

You give the power I need,
and a place in the sun.
You give healing to my wounds,
I'm saved and free,
You bear me when I'm down,
You forgive my sins,
King of freedom is your holy name.

The King wants to show you the way,
the only way,
the only truth,
The King wants to fight for us,
cause He has the power,
He is the the power,

I lift my hands in prayer for the world,
my dearest wish is that 
you'll be saved,
and the faith of Christians
gonna be action,
I pray for unified people 
where love grows.

I thank You Lord for 
every honest heart,
You say everyone who 
search is gonna find,
I thank you for taking care
of your children,
You take care of every little honest heart.


I see you standing right there
listening to the music we play,
we are fighting for freedom in this world,
and we crush the irons of death.

You got to stay with us,
we wanna show you the way,
You got to stay with us,
we gonna fight for freedom.

We know the time is here,
to come together right now,
to dance and praise the Lord.
with a new song right from 
the hearts.

If you look at the sky,
and see thousands of stars,
you can be a light in the dark,
we wanna show you.

You can be a star in the night,
the day you crush the irons.
when hate is changed to love,
and your heart is filled with lovesong.


Freedom, I want freedom and
I rise up from the dark
Loving really loving
I got true love from His heart
stand up I say stand up for the
truth and the light.
I'm screaming and 
dancing in the moonlight.

I wanna show the way to heaven
I wanna dance all night long
Come on and taste His word,
I wanna show the right way.

I love you, I want you,
I need you, and I love you
and I want you.

True love I got true love
and the right way to heaven.
Jesus, Oh Jesus, is His name.
Winner , He's the winner over darkness
in this world,
Crushing, yah He's crushing the 
beast, is crushed by His name.

Power, I got power and 
freedom is in my heart
Feelin' what a feelin' and
true is in my mind,
Walking, yeah I'm walking 
through the darkness to the light.
Power real power 
I'm a winner for His name.


I think the time has come,
for you and me,
to put our lives on the Rock,
loving, living for each other,
you said you have no time,
no time to find the truth.
because you just hang around,
and drift from place to place.

Look around, take good care,
take good care of your life,
I wanna give you
I wanna give you
The gift from God'
the gift from God

Sometimes I think about, 
what Jesus has done,
He went the whole way 
to the Cross,
and paid the price for freedom,
His blood is given for us,
and He took the sins of the world,
Yes Lucifer was crushed,
when Jesus arose.

The sun is shining on you,
so let it fall inside,
light from the Lord 
break the irons,
all the irons of fear,
You want to be a soldier 
of the future,
you gotta to stand up 
right now.
Let the word of God
be a lamp for your feet.


Yeah, I love you,
Yeah, I need you,
Yeah, I need the truth,
Yeah, I need the love from you.

Sometimes it hurts,
Sometimes I laugh, I laugh
Sometimes I feel
Sometimes I need
to dance, to sing, 
to praise the Lord,
to praise the Lord

Yeah, I need your love,
Yeah, I need dreams from you,
Yeah, I know the call,
Yeah, the vision of my life.

Yeah, I'm dancing and singing
the song for you,
yes for you.
My heart is filled with love,
with love to the King,
to the King.
Right now I'm feeling good.
Right now I need to dance.
Stand up for the King,
Stand up for the Lord.


The sun is rising and a 
new day is coming,
I'm looking outside my window
I see the light from you,
I remember when you came
and ask will you follow me
I got peace inside
when I felt your holy spirit

I'm walking the way of truth,
and my heart has begun to beat,
You gave a new day in my life,

My heart is beating for you,
my mind feels the truth
cause you stand right by my side
and I go now, I go now.
Believing in Him
Believing in Him

ALL He really wants is 
All of your heart,
All He wants to give is love and
freedom to your heart

I feel you standing by my,
leading me on,
I'm walking through waters,
and inside my heart is burning,
It's burning for you my Lord,
it will burn the rest of my life,
cause You are my real love,
and I want to fight for you.

ALL He really wants is all of your heart,
ALL He really wants is all of your mind,
ALL He really wants is all of you,
ALL He wants to give love and freedom
to your heart.
ALL He really wants is all of your heart
ALL He wants to give love and freedom
to your heart.


Up in the sky,
up in the heavens
I see the light form you,
You are the master of life,
You are the King of Kings
Your name is righteous,
and your gifts are love and freedom.

You're the man from Nazareth,
You're the King from Galilee,
the word is power and truth,
and the light for the world,

I'm walking along the road,
and the truth will be my way,
I want to follow you my Lord,
It's my greatest wish,
I got your holy spirit,
I fight against the devil,
You are the power, King of kings,
Lord of Lords,

Stand up and let it go
and be a winner in Jesus name,
you got the power, King of kings,
Lord of Lords,

Stand up and let it go
and be a winner in Jesus name,
you got the power, you got His 
spirit, so let it go.

The time is coming, 
when people will follow Him
The darkness is crushed,
cause Jesus is 


Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher