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Messiah Prophet 

Master of the Metal 


You hear a loud guitar
You wonder what we are
You say we're all the same
You see us dressed in black
Preparing to attack
You say it's such a shame
But do you really know
The force behind our show
Our one way ticket home
We'er rockin' for the rock
And we will never stop
And this you've got to know


Jesus said upon this rock
My church will stand
And for my church 
I'll come again


He's the Master
The Master of the metal
For Him I sing
He's the Master 
The Master of the metal
Christ, my Lord, my King
He's the Master of the metal

You say you like the sound
But still you're going down
You're in the danger zone
We offer you the news
It's up to you to choose
It's time to come on home 
Well Jesus is the way
He wants to give you life
So open up your heart
The time is now to start
He wants to give you life

You hear a loud guitar
It's sounding good so far
But have you heard the news
You say we're sounding good
But have you understood
That you don't have to lose


Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher