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All songs by THE BRAVE


How often must I wonder 
whose power we are under.
As we feel the inner sanctum 
of our souls
Fight - to break down all 
the walls of reason.
How much plainer does it
have to be.
Fight - we must move before
the eve of destruction.
We've got to love each other 
can't you see.

What are we fighting for-
We've already won the war

We are all together now-
hear are voices cry out 
in the night.
All together now - all of the
brave and the faith will unite.
...All together now

In every passing moment 
the distance gets much smaller.
That separates us from the
calling of our lives.
Fight- we're not immune to
the pain and sorrow.
We're not conditioned 
for the suffering.
Fight- there may not ever
be another tomorrow.
If we don't get the message
out today

What are we fighting for-
We've already won the war

We are all together now -
follow the voice that's
calling us home
All together now-
travel the path to
the light of the throne.


I look around for
a feeling trying to justify
why you could never use
me to change a life.
I've failed you so many times,
and it gets so hard to see
how you could use a man 
like me.

I try to share the answers,
I try to do what's right
Somehow I always
end up before your throne.
But I should know by now
that I'm not in this alone.
so I've got to take the time
just to let you know.

I 'm always waiting for you-
I can't do it on my own
I'm always believing
in you 'cause I know
that you've rescued me.

Oh , won't you tell me 
how long before that
I can realize forgiveness
through the pain that you bore.
You truly owe me nothing
still you carry me along
and it's only when I'm weak 
that you can make me strong.


There's a place for growth
in everybody's heart
and though our times of trials
we've got to I earn to look up
So take a look around -
He has never let you
and I know He never will...



I see you from the corner
of my eye
Looking for the path 
of new beginnings
I hear you and 
your sacred alibis
Trying hard to justify 
your winnings

Can't turn back - 
No, you can't deny
Run to fast
you must glorify

Gave His life 'cause it had to be
shed His blood for you and me
If that ain't love ,
then I don't know what love is
Heart to heart 
Soul to soul
Through His pain 
I am made whole
I said if that ain't love
I don't know what love is

I know you 'cause I've
heard it all before
The same ol' story
just a different ending
I love you even 
when you turn away
you say you're true, 
but I know that
you're pretending

Can't give up
you can't give up the fight
Can't give in
Can't give in when you know you're right.



Sometimes I hear you 
at night in the distance
Your voice cuts right to my soul
And I hear you calling me
calling me

I wonder where I went wrong
Why have taken so long
When You say follow me 
I'll follow you

I've been running all
my life down this long
and lonely road
Hear me call upon you, Lord
help me lighten my load

And when will my heart ever learn
Lord , help my heart to return 
to what I know is my home

There's a war within my 
soul and I'm a 
prisoner of my sin
Oh, I am reaching for Your help
give an ear to my cry
I'm pleading with you , Jesus
don't let me live this lie.


We all have choices
His way or our way
Eternal is forever
let tomorrow be today


I'm not trying to be the
difficult kind but I know
what it is that I'm trying to 

I've been looking so long
trying hard not to lose my way
Now, I know what is wrong
and I know what is right

I'm doing my best not
to give up the fight
Gonna stay on track
and never look back
...and take it day by day

But when your running
in the night
and you're looking for 
the light of reason
And you're searching for
your soul but the devil's
taken hold and deceiving
Don't give in -don't give in

When I was young I thought
as a child I lived my life
through the pain of denial
I thought I could control
that runaway train
Now I'm older I ask myself
why I never took the time
to open my eyes
Let me tell you right now
I don't like what I see
-Rescue me.

'Cause I'm feeling all alone
and my life is on the road
to collision
Now it's time to heed
the call and my back's
against the wall of decision
Take me in - Jesus take me in


Turn from your wicked ways-
you're playing with fire
Break away the chains
that bind you -He will
change your heart's desire


Words and Music by Jean Luc LaJoie

When I look around these city streets
Broken hearts are all I see
When love is gone and love
seems out of reach

If they could know God's
love won't fade
Broken heart's can mend
someday and fly
like eagle's in the wind

I've experienced this
simple truth
A little love can go 
such a long, long way, Yeah!

A little love goes a long, long way
Just a little love can help
things change
A little love goes a long, long way
Just a little love can help each day
A little love

Time and Time and time 
again some will cry
out for a hand
For hope in the name of love
I believe we all need affection
at least a little bit of attention
It's time to let the sun shine in

I've experienced this simple
truth A little love can go
a long long way Yeah!


Words and Music by John & Dino Elefante

Living on the edge of the moment
Trying to read that look in your eyes
Trembling the thought that it's over
Can this be love passing us by

I thought that I found real love my life
Better then a dream or a
page from a fairy tale.

Over and over I've given 
you every part of me
Over and over ...again

I could never live without
your love Not a single
moment without you
I could never live without
your love
Live without your Love

If I could read your mind
Then maybe I'd look at
it differently
If I could turn back 
the hands of time
Every minute we shared
we could live again

I was sure that I found
Real Love...In my life
There's no turning back now
I could never be the same 
without you.



I could never live
without your love
I'm so sure that I found
Real Love
I could never live
without your love

Never, Never live
without your love
Not another moment
without you
I could never live without
your love


Whatever happened to
the girl I used to know
to the one I thought
could change the world?
It seems the world has
caught her eye and
offered more then I
and now I'm alone and
you're so far from home

I shouldered the burden
as the devil told you lies
And I saw the changes
written in your eyes
Tell me where are you?
Has the money stole your heart
I can't believe you're gone
and that the price tore us apart

But you saw gold at the
end of the rainbow
How come that road-
it doesn't call you anymore
Was the call to tough to take?

How's life in the big world
Won't you tell me
Do you find that 
it gets harder every day
It's so hard in the big world
when you're out there alone
Sometime we all need a 
friend to help us
though the cold, big world

Voices long forgotten
remind you who you are
And the mirror shows a 
face that hides a inner war
You look to find the light
that once had been your 
guide And find it wasn't gone
just hidden deep inside

But you saw gold at the
end of the rainbow
How come that road-
it doesn't call you anymore
Was the call to tough to take?


I'm here to say, Don't 
turn away from my voice
Christ died on the cross
for the sins of this world

Repeat Chorus


Sometime I get so lonely
I want to sit and cry
I try so hard to live
without his love
I can't deny
The only time that I feel
right is when I kneel
to pray
T o let the spirit come
on me
It's such a easy way

I'm gonna ride with the rhythm
the rhythm of love
I'm gonna ride with the rhythm
I'm gonna ride with the rhythm
the rhythm of love
I'm gonna ride with the rhythm

And when I feel the darkness
trying to pull me down
I kind of get this feeling
my flesh has got me bound
I'm crying out in desperation
searching for my soul
And now that I have found
this rhythm
I have been made whole




If I turn away does that
make me a fool in your eyes
Can I help it if I'm just a man
And if I bat an eye does that make
me a coward

And just because he
set my life free from sin
I can't give you the blood
that poured out of him

I'm just a man who seeks 
a better way
I seek the truth,
But I'm no way a angel
And if you call, I will be
there to answer
But my words won't get you
for I'm just a man, for I'm just a man

When I was alone out
in the cold and dying
world- I was so alone
But He cleansed my heart
with His pure and Holy
love And though I'm
in Him, I can't get you
into heaven



How I wish that I could
break you free from
these chains that hold you
Not in me, you won't find the 
freedom- Only Christ can set
you free from your pain




Designed and Maintained
By Scott Stuhlmacher